Online Sheet-fed Inspection System

No. 1 delivery record for paper package industry.
Patented high accurate inspection (1 pixel x 1 pixel), is possible by Sheet ABS as sheet stabilizer(patented) and high resolution camera for thin paper, heavy paper, corrugated board and metal printing.

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Online inspection system dedicated to offset sheet-fed and package industry


  • Clear image by self-developed 3 CCD camera with low noise & high contrast
  • Patent granted! Sheet stabilizing system "Sheet ABS" for an accurate ON-cylinder inspection
  • Self-developed optic technology! Special lighting system for an inspection of normal and metalized paper

Basic specification


Trinity Well SLC702M

Trinity Well SLC703M

Camera specification

2048 pixels
Camera can be added up to 16 cameras for both side

Camera type

CCD-3LINE (SLC7 series)
or 3CCD (SLC9 series)

Min. resolution

0.26mm/ pixel

0.18mm/ pixel

Inspection speed

18,000 sheets/h *Depends on spec of printing press

Inspection target

Sheet-fed paper
Metalized paper, transparent PP paper, special paper

Lighting source

Special lighting system
Self-developed lighting system by high frequency lighting fluorescent lamp and ultrabright LED lighting source

Stabilizing sheet surface

SheetABS system
Paper thickness from 0.04 to 1.0mm

Target defect

Hickey, Ink spatter, pinhole, incomplete text,
color variation, oil spot, scumming, etc.

Detection circuit

8 circuits Repeat defect, Dense defect

Defect filing

Store 6-8 defects per 1 sheet


Sheet shifting tolerance, position correction,
multiple master image,
Inspection frame function for partial inspection sensitivity setting,
Color density monitoring function,
Interactive user-friendly operation by touch panel


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